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“The Greatest Expression of Self-Love”


This package includes a full body scrubbing with herbal scrubbers which peel out the dead skin, and the accompanied body massage and an herbal face pack. It helps to improves blood circulation, complexion and special herbal pack tones the skin and reduces the ageing process


Duration: 120 Mints


Disclaimer :The information on the page is not intended to self diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any health concerns, please avail free consultation from our Ayurveda doctor here.

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“AYURGREENIE” AYURVEDIC WELLNESS VILLAGE, (Sister concern of Greenie Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic) is another venture of a group of professionals in Ayurveda, Yoga & Tourism Industry in Kerala with years of experience in hospitality industry. The Wellness Village is promoted in line with the concept of its operators’ to be in nature and live with the nature.

Ayurgreenie is a place where the mind, body and soul are treated together by experts practicing the traditional form of Ayurveda. Our products, services and therapies are ample proof of our commitment to sustainable living. We take pride in the utmost comfort and well-being of our guests. Our motto is embodied in the saying, “Athithi Devo Bhava”.


                                                Prakruthi, a combination of Abhyangam, Udhwarthanam, Steam Bath, and Facepack, offers numerous benefits for overall well-being and rejuvenation. Here are the key points to highlight the advantages of this Ayurvedic wellness package:

  • Stress Relief: The therapeutic massage techniques involved in Abhyangam and Udhwarthanam help relax the body, reduce stress, and promote a sense of calmness and tranquility.
  • Detoxification: Udhwarthanam, which is a dry herbal powder massage, aids in removing toxins from the skin and body, enhancing the detoxification process.
  • Improved Circulation: The invigorating massages in Prakruthi enhance blood circulation, which can benefit the entire body by ensuring proper distribution of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Skin Health: The application of herbal oils and natural face packs improves skin texture, promotes a healthy glow, and nourishes the skin, leaving it rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Pain Relief: Abhyangam and Udhwarthanam can alleviate muscle aches, joint pain, and stiffness, providing relief from day-to-day discomforts.
  • Weight Management: Udhwarthanam helps in breaking down subcutaneous fat, contributing to weight management goals when combined with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: The massage techniques aid in stimulating the lymphatic system, which can support the body’s immune function and reduce swelling.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Regular sessions of Prakruthi can improve joint flexibility and range of motion, which is especially beneficial for those with mobility issues.
  • Improved Sleep: The relaxation provided by Prakruthi can lead to better sleep patterns, promoting overall restorative rest.
  • Aids Digestion: The combination of treatments can help improve digestion and alleviate digestive discomforts through the activation of the body’s natural processes.
  • Holistic Wellness: Prakruthi focuses on harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, providing a comprehensive approach to overall wellness.
  • Personalized Experience: As an Ayurvedic wellness package, Prakruthi can be tailored to individual needs and imbalances, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for each client.
  • Rejuvenation: The combination of therapies in Prakruthi is designed to replenish and revitalize the body, leaving individuals feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Natural Healing: All treatments in Prakruthi are based on ancient Ayurvedic principles and use natural ingredients, promoting the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
  • Professional Expertise: When offered by Ayurgreenie Ayurvedic Wellness Village, Prakruthi is delivered by skilled Ayurvedic practitioners with expertise in traditional healing techniques.

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